Monster Pub Plus


Equipped with Smart App, Monsterpub is perfect app controlled vibrator for long distance replationship or public play. You can play with the sex toy on your own or use remote control functions. When you share the link through app or bluebooth with your partner, both you and your partner could play with it and have an intimate experience, as if you two are next to each other. This is a unique app controlled vibrator and one-of-a-kind sex toy that is available for women to explore. With unique U-shape design, Monsterpub app controlled vibrator could stimulate both C-Spot & G-Spot. You could also pre-set 8 vibration modes, then enjoy unprecedented orgaism which will never be the same with Monsterpub dual motors. Check out Monsterpub iconic Love Beats in dark, and feel your own heart beat. It is very rare for app controlled vibrators to have less than 40 dB. But Monsterpub could be strong and silent at the same time, which is perfect for discreet play. Monsterpub vibrator also comes with USB rechargability and water proof functions. It could automatically heat up to 107 F within 2 mins. These Monsterpub premium qualities make products easier to clean and stay healthy. In 1948, American obstetrician and physiologist Arnold Kegel invented the Kegel exercise, which strengthens pelvic muscle tension by repeatedly scaling the muscles. It is the most effective way of pelvic muscle weight-bearing and exercise. Monsterpub vibrator specially built in this function to train and practice Kegel exercise to the next level. Love Beat lighting is an iconic design for Monsterpub. Do you wish to take your intimate sexual experiences to the next level? Then you need to take a look at what we offer!

Our 15,000rpm unique stereo waves™️ vibration makes you feel unparalleled pleasure Connect your Monster Pub 2 to our Smart Phone App for an even greater experience! Use it as a remote by yourself to access a huge variety of options for the toy, or hand it to a lover to spice things up during date night.


• Remote controlled: Long distance vibrator
• Motion Control: Vibrate by detecting your movement on the touch screen.
• U-type design: stimulates both the C-spot and the G-spot
• Smartphone App: Control it anywhere, for long distance control alone and as a couple
• Kegel Exercise - Pelvic Floor Exercises - Only Available in Premium Version
• Intelligent heating: automatic heating up to 42 ℃ within 2 minutes
• 100% waterproof.
• USB rechargeable.


• 1 x Monster Pub Plus
• 1 charging cable
• 1 gift box
• 1 user manual





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